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Hi! I'm Remi


I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, but my family's extensive travels ignited my passion for studying and working abroad from an early age. Having attended schools in diverse locations such as Japan, the Philippines, the UAE, and Sweden, I cultivated a global perspective and an insatiable curiosity for different cultures and experiences.

I had always liked technology but my tech journey commenced at the age of 14 when I delved into programming, leading me to enroll in a national tech high school to specialize in computer science. It was during my time at Keio University that I unearthed my fervor for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), realizing the immense potential and impact of this field.

Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, I am fully immersed in my role as a tech trainee, specializing in HCI. Each day, I leverage my skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the development of innovative technological solutions that bridge the gap between humans and computers.

Overall, I enjoy software engineering and product design.